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this or that: Xander Bogaerts or Brock Holt

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David Ortiz ties and passes Carl Yastrzemski at no. 36 on the all-time home run list with two home runs (no. 452 & 453) against the Blue Jays on July 21, 2014.

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this or that: Boston Red Sox or Boston Bruins

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romka12 said: Hey! So in order to go to the pro shop at the garden you need to enter from the same side as the Bobby Orr statue. You walk straight and the doors to the garden will be on your right. As you enter the doors, you walk a little and the pro shop should be on your left. It should be across a McDonalds lol! Hope this helps :)

Yes, it does help!! Thank you so much!!


Pro shop at TD Garden

Hi guys,

I’ll be in Boston on Friday and I was wondering how you get to the Pro Shop at TD Garden. I was there yesterday (staying in Maine for the week), and the whole building looked closed off from what I could tell.

Sorry, I’ve never been to Boston before!! Thanks everyone! ☺️


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(original photo by Katie H)

(original photo by Katie H)

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this or that: Fenway Park or TD Garden

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Good Advice, Ference!